Why Patients Travel From Sleaford To Visit Us

How important is having a dentist in your local area? This all depends on the dental issues you’d like to address. If your local dentist can remove your tooth pain, then that’s great, but if he or she can’t offer other treatments that might interest you, such as tooth whitening, discreet adult braces or dental implants, then wouldn’t you be better off choosing the dentist in the next town, who can?

A lot of our patients travel from Sleaford to take advantage of our comprehensive range of services. They’re happy to do that because they know that even if they’re not currently experiencing any dental problems, when they do, they’ll have an expert on hand to provide help. Our teeth change over the years. As we grow older, they can become discoloured, misaligned and even fall out. Let’s have a look at how our dental practice remedies these individual situations:

Tooth whitening treatment near Sleaford

Caffeine drinkers and curry consumers tend to experience an exacerbated rate of tooth discolouration. Does this sound like you? Do you drink a lot of tea and coffee throughout the day, or are you partial to a chicken balti? Tooth whitening treatment will brighten your discoloured teeth by several shades and continued top-up treatment will keep them the sort of white that may help you get promoted at work, or be luckier in love – it’s true! Several studies support the fact that whiter teeth can bring you success in your career and love life!

Orthodontic adult braces near Sleaford

Our teeth naturally shift over our lifetime, thanks to all the biting and chewing actions we make. It’s not unusual for our teeth to be knocked out of their attractive alignment. Your newly crooked teeth can cause embarrassment and lead to you hiding your smile and also be a factor in tooth decay. Teeth which are not straight are harder to reach with your toothbrush. The braces we provide from our dental practice near Sleaford are discreet and effective. Our orthodontic treatment should bring back your smile-confidence in no time!

Dental implants near Sleaford

Implants are replacement teeth that are the nearest thing you can get to natural teeth. They must be fitted by an experienced implantologist. If your local dental practice does not have an implantologist, you would be welcome to join our friendly surgery here near Sleaford.

We have been offering a high quality service and full range of dental treatments for many years. We are an established practice with experienced, extensively trained dental professionals who welcome families, nervous patients and emergency cases. This is why we have been able to extend our reach beyond our immediate area to Sleaford and beyond. If you’d like us to provide a solution to your toothache, carefully restore broken teeth to their former glory, or simply provide trusted routine maintenance, please get in touch. Our friendly reception team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.