Why Patients Visit Our Dentists For Emergency Dental Care in Grantham

Everyone wants to believe that their dentist is looking out for them around the clock ready to administer pain relief and treatment at a moment’s notice, when required, but how many dentists actually offer a reliable out of hours emergency service? Here at the Dental Health Centre, we don’t know how to answer that question, but we can reassure you that all of our patients are our top priority. Whether you live in Grantham, or further afield, we will be fully prepared to deal with your dental emergency, at any time of the day or night.

It’s our reliability, flexible appointment times, combined expertise and comprehensive range of treatments that make our dental practice stand taller than some others. Our reputation often proceeds us. We take patients from a wide geographical area, simply because we have the resources, staff and skill set to do so. Unlike a one-dentist practice, we have a team of experts who can deliver life changing procedures as and when you need them.

How do you know if you’re suffering a dental emergency?

If you are in pain, your mouth is swollen, in danger of harm due to broken teeth, or a tooth has been knocked loose or out, we can help. Anyone who has suffered an injury to the mouth that has affected their teeth or gums, or has been in an accident that has caused dental damage, is advised to call us.

It’s worth having your teeth checked, allowing us to observe any potential for damage to your teeth of which you are not yet aware, such as a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, out of place, or has something stuck in it.

The best way to have your teeth assessed with a view to finding out whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency is to give us a call. We’ll be able to ask the appropriate questions to assess the severity of your damage and arrange an appointment within the relevant timeframe. It’s worth noting that requesting a cosmetic procedure is rarely classed as an emergency, but problems or side-effects you may have following a cosmetic dental procedure could be.

Actions to take during a dental emergency

For an assessment, or to report an emergency, please give our reception team a call on 01476 594 480. Alternatively you can fill your details in on our contact page. We can allocate you an appointment time that reflects how urgent your need to see us is. High-priority cases are defined as that, because their needs are more urgent.

We try to offer all emergency patients same day care and when that’s not possible; an appointment within 24 hours. Our emergency dental care is not restricted to members only. Non-members are welcome to ring us. You will have the opportunity to register as a member when we see you. Please have a pen to hand to note down details of your appointment.

If you’re phoning out of office hours, at the weekend, or on a bank holiday, we can help. The recorded message will give you the name and number of the on-call dentist. You can then ring that number to arrange emergency dental care.

Book to see an Emergency Dentist in Grantham

Are you reading this because you’re in Grantham and in need of an emergency dental procedure right now? Perhaps you’re looking for a new dental practice, but having access to emergency dental care and peace of mind is important? Let us reassure you that we understand the importance of providing comprehensive emergency care. Please give us a call to book your consultation now.