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Finding the right cosmetic dentist in Grantham

If you live in Grantham and you’re fed up of being the only one of your friends with a less than perfect smile, we can help. Having a chipped or cracked tooth is frustrating, particularly because you’re probably aware that without cosmetic restoration work to strengthen it, your damaged tooth is vulnerable. There’s a good chance the damage could get worse. Having discoloured or crooked teeth is equally as frustrating and if you’re walking around with teeth missing, then you’re probably living in fear of somebody taking an unexpected photo of you.

In order to find the most suitable cosmetic dentist in Grantham, you’ll need to find somebody who will look at your particular needs individually and tailor your treatment accordingly. This approach will provide you with optimal results and a boost in your smile-confidence. The larger the range of cosmetic treatments a dentist can offer, the more likely you are to get the treatment you need. Why limit yourself to settling for the few treatments your existing dentist can provide, rather than visit a new dentist who is highly skilled at providing all of the treatments you desire?

Here at the Dental Health Centre in Grantham, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments for you and your family. We are dedicated to helping you improve the look of your smile and all of treatments can be bought with a finance plan should you need to spread the costs over a longer time period.

Need your teeth to look their very best for a job interview, work event or exciting date, when you want to make a great first impression? That’s very sensible. Numerous smile studies have shown that people with an attractive smile are more likely to get the job they want, a new promotion and be lucky in love. We may be able to help your dream become reality, simply by fixing your teeth.

In order to provide you with the best possible service and get a better understanding of exactly what you’d like to achieve, we’d like to invite you to a consultation with one of our extensively trained and highly experienced Grantham dentists. During a consultation, we’ll gain a better idea of your goals. Here’s an overview of some of our most popular treatments:

Our Grantham-based cosmetic dental treatments

Tooth restoration: If your teeth are damaged and can be fixed using thin slivers of porcelain, then a natural-looking veneer will be bonded to your teeth. If you have a tooth that is too severely damaged for a veneer, then a crown can be fitted. Veneers and crowns will strengthen and protect your teeth. Additionally the teeth with veneers or crowns over the top are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. If it’s a filling you need, our white fillings are colour-matched to your teeth and very discreet.

Tooth alignment: We can offer tooth-coloured ceramic fixed braces, which are very discreet, or practically invisible Invisalign braces, which look like thin, translucent mouthguards. Your teeth will be straightened over several months without drawing extra attention to your mouth.

Tooth Implants: Dental implants are a permanent solution to toothloss. A combination of titanium root and a crown will be placed in your mouth to replace your missing tooth. It will essentially look and feel like a natural tooth.

Tooth whitening: Our teeth discolour with age and the staining process is exacerbated by excessive coffee and tea consumption. We can provide professional whitening treatment in the form of the leading Enlighten brand. This is a home kit, which must be prescribed and instructed by your dentist, but applied in the comfort of your own home. Your teeth will be brightened by several shades.

If you think any of these treatments might be for you and you’d like to find out more details, or you’d like to discover the full range of cosmetic services we provide, please give us a call to book your smile makeover consultation in Grantham today. Let us show you what’s possible!