Prices & Payment Options Available at DHC Grantham

Dental Care Plan

Our most popular dental care plan costs £12.97 a month and includes two dental health assessments and two twenty minute dental hygiene appointments a year, plus discounts up to 20% off many of our treatments and worldwide dental trauma insurance. We also offer 10% off oral health products such as toothbrushes, floss, TePe inter-dental brushes and whitening gel top ups.

Interest Free Finance

Worried about taking the first step towards a more confident smile, then why don’t you spread the cost of your dental treatment over 10 months with our interest free finance? (£500 to £1500) For larger and more complex treatment plans over £1,500, other finance terms are available. Please call us for details. (T&C’s apply)

General Dentistry
TreatmentFeeMembers Fee
New Patient Examination with associates (includes small x-rays) £50 £50
6 month dental health exam £45.60 Included in Plan
Full mouth large x-ray £64.90 £52
Small x-rays (each) £13.40 £10.80
Emergency appointment for advice or basic emergency treatment e.g. temp dressing, antibiotics From £75 FREE assessment and advice but there may be a fee for treatment provided
Hygiene therapy (20 minutes) £50.10 Included in care plan but £48.62 for additional visits
Air polishing for stain free teeth £56.65 £6.58 surcharge on plan hygiene session
Treatment of gum disease with hygienist from £380 from £304
Cosmetic Dentistry
TreatmentFeeMembers Fee
Silver amalgam fillings (rarely prescribed) from £101.66 from £81.33
White tooth coloured fillings from £136.2 from £108.9
Simple extraction from £113.3 from £90.7
Root filling to front tooth from £441.7 from £329
Root filling to molar (back tooth) from £640.1 from £512.3
Crowns from £764.9 from £612
Full set of upper and lower dentures from £824 from £659.2
Single implant with crown from £1997 from £1997
Immediate set of fixed teeth /. All on 4 type treatment from £8500 from £8500
Sinus Grafting from £950 from £950
Block Bone graft from £850 from £850
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) from £370 from £370
Copies of radiographs and/or CT scan following a free assessment £50 NA
Dental Products
TreatmentFeeMembers Fee
Sports mouth guards from £92.7 from £74.16
Business of Smiles home whitening system £230 £230
Business of Smiles Enlighten tooth whitening £540 £540
Emergency treatment
TreatmentFeeMembers Fee
Emrgency 1 including assessment, simple radiograph, advice, prescription 75 plan fees only
Emergency 2 as above but including simple extraction, temporary filling, refixing a crown, adjusting a brace 110 plan fees only
Emergency 3. If time allows, start of root canal treatment, Make a temporary crown 160 plan fees only
Emergency 4. Implant related problems. from 110 from 110