Invisalign braces

Invisalign is a tooth straightening system that do the job of braces but look nothing at all like them. In fact, they shun a lot of traditional braces’ negative characteristics in subvert them to create a far superior patient journey. Invisalign aligners are two separate trays – one for your top row of teeth, one for the lower – that fit over your teeth. They’re custom made to your mouth and are therefore are far more personalised tooth straightening system so why not call us for a free initial consultation for Invisalign today?

The aligners are moulded and trimmed to your exact gum line and with no metal, sharp edges, or brackets that make it more comfortable than the traditional brace. Invisalign braces are removed when you eat and clean your teeth meaning you can enjoy all food you like.

At DHC Grantham we’re highly experienced in helping our patients discover the reality of straighter and more confident smiles with Invisalign. Treatment time will vary depending on your orthodontic needs but can be as little as 6 weeks but as long as 24 months for more complex cases. You can read more about the treatment below on our FAQ section.

For prices and payment options for Invisalign Braces at Dental Health & Implant Centre in Grantham, please visit our fees page. Alternatively, please call us on 01476 594480, or fill out our online enquiry form.

  • FAQs
    • Are Invisalign custom made?

      All Invisalign products are custom made as we will conduct an advanced 3D image of your teeth so we can plan your treatment accordingly.

    • Are they painful?

      The stigma of braces being painful when they are first installed is true. However, traditional braces, has always been reported to be uncomfortable throughout the treatment duration. Because of their fixed nature, they relentlessly pull and tug into position through force and wires. Also as the brackets are bulky they rub on the inside of your lip. With Invisalign in Grantham, you receive a series of smooth, thin, aligners which are custom made for your teeth. These aligners vary very slightly from each other, allowing your teeth to be guided into the right positions through softer pressure. Not only this, but they’re made of a smooth and durable plastic that won’t harm the soft tissues in your mouth.

    • What health benefits do they have?

      Invisalign can help protect you against cavities by straightening and aligning crowded teeth and irregular alignment in the mouth. Having overlapping teeth make way for the perfect folds and nooks for plaque and bacteria to build up and hide in. Shelter for bacteria and plaque is a huge cavity risk, so crooked teeth which are harder to clean could lead to decay and enamel erosion. Invisalign braces help straighten your teeth to create a more even surface area which help provide a straighter smile and creates a surface area that is far easier to clean.

      If you are interested in Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment, get in touch with your local Grantham dentist today.