Why register with a private dentist?

Why register with a private dentist in Lincolnshire? It’s a question that we’re sometimes asked, as well as: What’s the difference between an NHS and private dentist? Is private dental care expensive? Are there treatments that are available through a private dentist that can’t be access through the NHS? Do you accept children through the NHS?

There are certainly some similarities between private and NHS dentists – we will both prioritise your oral health and give you the highest standards of care we are able to offer. At The Dental Health Centre, we do treat children under the age of 18 as NHS patients.

However, as a private dentist in Lincolnshire, we do have some distinct differences from many of our NHS counterparts.

Cosmetic dental treatments

Some dental treatments simply aren’t available through the NHS. Typically, this includes any treatment that is perceived as ‘cosmetic’ rather than about the function and health of your teeth. Treatments such as tooth whitening, dental implants, tooth coloured fillings, and single visit crowns – which all have significant benefits – are only available through a private dentist. Some orthodontic treatment can be accessed through the NHS if you’re an adult with complex alignment problems.

Innovative materials and treatments

Here at The Dental Health Centre, we are able to offer a number of innovative treatment choices, such as Vibraject virtually pain-free injections, one-visit CEREC restorations, and specialist care and support for nervous patients.

More appointment choice

Many private dentists provide a number of treatment times that fall outside of the typical nine to five week day. Here at The Dental Health Centre, for example, our appointments begin at 8.30am Monday to Friday and run until 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. This means that your dental care doesn’t have to clash with work or school.

Private dentists can usually offer longer appointment times than you would get through the NHS, giving you the chance to discuss how you feel about your teeth in more depth. You may also find that your initial appointment as a new patient is more comprehensive than you’ve experienced in the past.

Membership club

It’s important to us to be able to offer you high quality dentistry that will keep your teeth looking and feeling amazing throughout your life. Research shows that dental care plans are the single most effective way of maintaining good dental health, as they enable you to plan and budget for your dental care.

Our most popular dental care plan costs just £12.55 a month and covers two dental health assessments and two 20-minute dental hygiene appointments a year, plus discounts of around 20% off many of our treatments and worldwide dental trauma insurance.

We also offer interest-free finance options and have a transparent fee structure.

If you’re looking for a private dentist in Lincolnshire, then call us on 01476 594480 or click here to request an appointment.