Note from a very satisfied patient

I love my teeth and my new smile.

Mr Colin Sutton at The Dental Health Centre, Grantham has worked his magic, yet again!

Needing a good dentist practice I mentioned this to a friend one day and was amazed to learn that my friend had implants and had been treated by Colin Sutton at the Dental Health Centre in Grantham.  You see my friend has beautiful teeth that look so natural and real it never occurred to me that they were not.   Along I went full of apprehension and was given such confident and calm treatment by Colin Sutton that has already seen his work I felt that if anyone could sort out my teeth then here was the man to do it.  I am not the bravest of people and can honestly say that the treatment (Dental implants) does not hurt and the outcome has transformed the way I feel about myself.  I now also have beautiful natural-looking teeth and also can eat with confidence and no longer dread going out for a meal or eating in the company (previously my teeth were so loose I could only eat soft food).  Now I cannot stop smiling and keep glancing in the mirror as I find it hard to believe the transformation Colin Sutton has performed.   I can only say that if you are thinking about dental implants – stop thinking about it, do it and I might also add that I live almost a four hour round trip from Grantham but would travel much further to be treated by this excellent dentist who I cannot recommend highly enough, Colin Sutton is a magician, move over Harry Potter!!

From Mrs  S.Atherton