How we are seen by our clients! – Our reviews

“A lot of people who live around here think they need to go to London for the best care but they don’t realise what an absolute gem they have on their doorstep.”

Mrs Welton, Grantham

Although I didn’t realise at the time, I had an appalling dentist previously. My dentist wasn’t interested in my teeth and would just take teeth out willy-nilly. I never once saw a hygienist, despite paying for my dental care on a monthly payment plan. I was a patient there for 30 years and they didn’t have a clue who I was. Within one month of joining The Dental Health Centre as soon as I walked in they would say ‘Good morning Mrs Welton, how are you?’. That makes you feel great.

What I love about The Dental Health Centre is that they don’t wait until you’ve got a problem; they act immediately. I’ve been a patient for three years now and they are absolutely brilliant – my teeth have been transformed. The décor is lovely and the whole practice is relaxing and calm. They are also very, very patient.

I have had several Cerec crowns because I had poor root canal treatment previously and I’ve had two dental implants with Mr Sutton. He is a very clever dentist and has a wealth of experience. The missing teeth were in my bottom right-hand jaw not far from the front, so enough to affect my smile. As well as doing the implants, he also adjusted the teeth above to ensure that the bite was absolutely correct. He has great attention to detail.

My new implants are fantastic – they feel like my own teeth. Yes they are expensive but they are certainly worth the extra. You get what you pay for in life. Mr Sutton is very experienced and has done lots of extra training. I was a bit anxious to start with and Mr Sutton asked what kind of music I would like to listen to. He said, ‘I’ll work to anything, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and relaxed’. Anyone who needs implants should think first of The Dental Health Centre as I can’t recommend them highly enough.

It’s not just the dentistry that’s fantastic. As soon as you walk in you can tell that the staff are happy to come to work, as they are delightful. The whole team, from the front of house team, including Paula and Tracey, to the dentists, are so lovely. My hygienist Julie is wonderful too and the dental nurses are so reassuring. And it’s not just me saying this, as you hear it from everyone. I am so happy to have found them.

There are a lot of wealthy people who live around here who think they need to go to London for the best care but they don’t realise what an absolute gem they have on their doorstep in Grantham. I would encourage anyone who wants an excellent dentist to have a look at what The Dental Health Centre has to offer. Absolutely everything is 10 out of 10!