The Dental Implant fitting procedure in Grantham

You’re embarrassed about your smile because you have teeth missing and you’ve finally decided, that even though you’re not keen on visiting the dentist, you’re going to seize the moment and get that dental implant you’ve been promising yourself!

Whether you’ve been putting it off because you’re nervous about the procedure, or because you’ve been struggling to make time for it in your busy schedule, it’s important to bear in mind that the sooner your Grantham dentist can examine your mouth with a view to getting your treatment started, the more likely it is, that the dental implant fitting process will be kept simple and non-invasive.

This is because the longer you leave it between losing your teeth and the implant fitting, the more time your jawbone has to deteriorate. Jawbones must be stimulated, either by natural tooth roots, or the titanium roots of implants in order to remain healthy. When this stops happening (because a tooth root is no longer present) atrophy can occur, leading to you requiring bone grafting treatment before a dental implant can be successfully fitted. Let us put your mind at ease, by explaining the process that occurs when having a dental implant fitted.

The dental implant process

In the first instance, you’ll need to book an initial consultation with the dentist here at our Grantham practice. During this appointment, your teeth will be examined and x-rays and scans will be taken. This will give your dentist an idea of how things are looking under the gumline.

Once a thorough examination of the gap has taken place, your dentist will have a better idea of how the dental implant must be fitted, how long it would take and how much preparation work must be done prior to the titanium root being inserted into your jaw bone.

If no problems present themselves, no preparatory work will be necessary and the implant can be placed straightaway, or at your next appointment. This will take 1 to 2 hours. An abutment is attached to the root to connect a crown to it. The crown looks just like an actual tooth, will be custom-made for you and be temporary at first.

Your permanent crown can be placed when the gum has healed and the implant has fused with the jawbone, which could be anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, perhaps even longer. The dentist will know when your dental implant is ready to have a permanent crown attached.

Once in place, your implant should be fine for a number of years. Many of our customers still have their original dental implants in place, helping them eat, speak clearly and smile with confidence 30 years on.

Please get in touch with our Grantham practice to discuss your dental implants, we can happily book you in for a consultation so you could be the proud owner of secure, replacement teeth in no time.