Considering dental implants?

“Excellent practice, friendly staff and great dentistry. Recommended without reservation.”


I went to Colin Sutton with a face full of bad and/or seriously loose teeth, and many gaps – and left with implant-supported dentures which make me look better than I probably have since I lost my child’s teeth. I’m now 63 and spent much of 2007 undergoing this phased treatment.


I could not have been better advised or guided towards the best solution – even bearing in mind my requests to see how costs could be kept down. I was – and remain – absolutely delighted and proud that I can smile at people without wondering what they may think about my dental hygiene.


Don’t just think about it, get in touch with the Dental Health Centre in Grantham – you won’t regret it. If you want more persuading, ask them to forward your email address to me and we can discuss what Colin Sutton and his team did for me. I’m happy to do this.


Chris Taylor