Are Clear Braces The Right Treatment For Me?

Are Clear Braces The Right Treatment For Me?

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment has been associated with teenagers; however dental misalignment effects a large proportion of adults. 66% of adult patients are 26-40yrs, and an additional 22% are 41-55. Due to our clear braces’ discreet nature and effective results, Simple Smilelign are a popular choice for patients looking to achieve a beautiful smile without compromising their appearance during treatment.

Despite popularity amongst adults, Simple Smilelign is just as effective for teenagers. Your son or daughter could find fixed braces more painful and prominent, effecting their self-esteem and social skills. Simple Smilelign is a fantastic choice for young people wanting to rejuvenate their smile and improve their confidence. Anyone can be considered for Simple Smilelign clear braces, dependent on teeth present, and whether they have fully developed.

What Kind of Misalignment Can Clear Braces Resolve?

Simple Smilelign is a reliable solution to a variety of misalignment issues. The most common reasons for the clear brace treatment include:

  • Gaps in between teeth, including front teeth
  • Rotated teeth
  • Sticking out front teeth
  • Crooked front teeth

How Long Will My Clear Braces Treatment Take?

If you’re looking to transform your smile inconspicuously, Simple Smilelign is the perfect choice – with some patient’s treatments taking as little as 12 weeks! Teeth Straightening with Simple Smilelign treatment time length varies on individual cases, dependent on how extensive the misalignment is.

Will Simple Smilelign Suit My Lifestyle?

Simple Smilelign clear braces in Grantham are detachable and easy to care for, creating minimal disruption to your lifestyle. We recommend wearing your Simple Smilelign for most of the day, and removing them for meal times, drinking and brushing, however if you have a special event occasionally you are welcome to remove them, if they are put back in afterwards.

If you’re looking to transform your smile with Simple Smilelign clear braces in Grantham, why not contact our friendly team at The Dental Health Centre, who will be happy to provide you with more information or book you in for a consultation.