5 Things You Need To Know About Invisalign

Invisalign braces are the latest, greatest straight-teeth treatment – and they’re here to stay. We proudly offer them here at our Grantham dental practice because we truly believe they’re one of the best adult braces for a beautifully-aligned smile. 

Many people come to us looking for braces – sometimes teenagers, sometimes adults. Whether it’s crowding of the teeth, a gappy smile, or problems with bite and alignment, Invisalign could be the solution you’re looking for. In this post, our dental experts here at our Grantham dental practice share 5 facts about this fantastic treatment.

1. It’s super flexible

Not everyone ‘gets on’ with adult braces. Some find them uncomfortable or cumbersome, and others dislike the feeling of something being affixed to their teeth. Invisalign’s clip-on aligners are the answer. They fit snugly over your smile and gently move your teeth into position. You can pop them out when you eat and drink and even for those special occasions.

2. It’s affordable

Invisalign adult braces can come out at the same cost as fixed braces – but think of all the benefits you get along the way! Comfy, invisible, removable… The list goes on. You may even be eligible for finance, to help spread the cost of your care. 

3. It’s fast

Treatment with Invisalign can take under a year – depending on what you have done and the condition of your smile to start with. It’s incredible to think that, a year from now, you could have your dream smile – think of how happy and confident you’ll be with straighter teeth!

4. It’s successful

Invisalign is used all around the world and has successfully treated millions of patients. We also have a fantastic track record with our orthodontic treatments here at our Grantham dental practice. What’s more, we care about all aspects of your treatment and will give you tips on everything from cleaning your teeth to keeping those teeth straight once you’ve finished the course. 

5. It’s invisible

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – these are near-invisible braces that many people won’t be able to detect! That means you can have teeth-straightening treatment on the quiet, without worrying that you’ve got ‘brace face’. In most cases, they don’t affect your speech either – another reason many won’t know you’re undergoing treatment.

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